Mint Media: A Colorado Company

Home grown in Denver, Colorado Mintt Media is focused on the science of social media marketing and design. With creativity and passion we strive to help local businesses find their presence on the internet and the new age of social media through market strategy and website creation. We started the inspiration at a coffee shop, wanting to initially help start-ups but our desire grew to every business out there, big or small. We have built a wide portfolio with an assortment of clients from gyms, salons, local contractors, nightlife and more. We are beating our own drum in the new age of digital marketing. We strive to provide businesses in a variety of areas to be a one stop shop, from branding, logo design, social media marketing, website creation, etc. We love to create that blue print for any business so everything else becomes second nature. Our mantra is simple; Think. Create. Inspire.

Our passion for what we do transfers into our services

Clients We Work With

Sights and Lights
Mile High Monkey Bar Fitness
MPK Foods
WillPower Fitness Co
Silver River Solutions

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