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What is Social Media?

Social Media refers to platforms that allow users to connect, network and share throughout the internet. There are a variety of platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkdin, Snapchat and much much more! Social Media uses modern technology to allow users to discover information, share their thoughts, view videos, etc. the possibilities are endless. Using Social Media correctly allows consumers to form relationships over shared interest. It always companies to feature their products faster, quicker and again with that personal consumer touch. Click on our Social Media Marketing page to learn more about the different platforms we use and how we can help you create quality relationships with your viewers.

Why Use Social Media for your Business?

Social Media Marketing connects a variety of consumers from various platforms. Its functions include connecting with users and generating links. Social Media Marketing allow businesses to promote and share content quicker and with a personalized touch. Understanding social media marketing and figuring out how to best utilize these services for your brand can take you farther with consumers online.
Social Media Marketing not only gains traffic to your website, but it builds brand awareness and loyal consumers that will keep coming back. You’ll be able to connect with a larger audience that you might not have had before.

Do I really need to hire an expert for social media?

Many make the mistake of thinking social media is as easy as posting and waiting. With such an overabundance of social media platforms and posts that is hitting the average consumer daily, social media comes down to a science. It goes well beyond just the “posting whenever” method, and goes into getting a mixture of elements for success, to include eye catching content, audience engagement, promotional, etc. Effective social media management involves a carefully crafted strategy! Thats what we are here for. If you are interested in learning techniques contact us today for our consultation services.

What about ROI (return of investment)?

Social Media is a window not a manual. The ROI with social media comes in the form of brand awareness, engagement, and building a following that eventually leads your viewers to buy your products or service. Social Media is a MUST for SEO (search engine optimization). It is the relevance that lets your brand be the voice. We do offer monthly tracking to show detailed information about your companies social media activity. Measuring your success by carefully tracking your online efforts is a must to see where your brand is heading and what needs to be done. Social media is constantly changing. What worked last week might not work this week.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is the process of improving your website’s ranking in search engine (Google, Bing) results. With the number of websites on the web growing every day it takes a lot of work and effort to make sure your website is found when someone tries to find  you on google. There are many techniques and practices to ensure your website is compatible with search engine algorithms that can be done within your website and off your website, Social media marketing being one of them. We include on-page SEO within each website we create to ensure you have the basics you need to rank high on Google.

What does Responsive Web Design mean?

Responsive web design is an approach to web design aimed to develop websites that re-size to fit all screen sizes (mobile, tablet, etc.). With over 50% of viewers searching the web on a mobile device, making sure your website provides an optimal viewing experience on each screen size is important to keep your viewers interested. Googles latest update now penalizes websites from showing up on google search that are not mobile friendly.

What is the difference between a Facebook profile and a business page?

A Facebook “Profile” is used for a persons personal profile. This is the standard Facebook experience, that highlights the persons interest, friends, followers, and personal posts.

A Facebook “Page” is more commonly used to represent a brand, product, company, community or special interest. On a Facebook page you can show off your what your business/company represents and  connect with your followers.

# What is a hashtag?

That little pound symbol you see #, means a lot more than you think. A hashtag is used to identify a specific topic, photo or message. It’s the new integrated way we communicate online. The hashtag was started on Twitter but is now used on various social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and many more.


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